Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Barbadensis is the best Aloe Vera species which is also very popular from centuries after
centuries. With its different nutritional values, it can be used internally or externally for health care. Aloe Vera’s magical nutrients has a very high absorption rate, cleanses and stimulate the blood vessels, reduce arthritis, muscles and others. It can also rid off bacteria and viruses, neautralising pusses through the Proteolytoc enzyme process. It can stop bleeding on the skin surface, stimulate bowels, overcome hemorrhoids and internal bleeding, quickens new cell growth, stabilizing body temperature, increase in energy and rejuvenation of the organ functionality naturally.

Nutritional Facts about Aloe Vera.

  • Relieve joint and muscular pains.
  • Reduce sugar contents in the blood for diabetics.
  • Provides Nutritional values.
  • Beneficial to kidney patients.
  • Relief for Lungs.
  • Assists in digestion.
  • Obese.
  • Bloody stool.
  • Gastronomic / Stomach ulcers.
  • Diabetes.
  • Fatigue.
  • Migraine Post natal.
  • Sinus.
  • Asthmatic.
  • Stress.

External Use
Accelerate rejuvenation of tissues cell and in breaking-up dead
tissues or septic pus and cleanse wounds. Best for external
application on burns, cuts and cosmetic side effects.

Take 2-3 spoonfuls daily as regular food supplement.
Recommended to be taken day and night. For external
usage, use sparingly onto desired area.


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EM 57.00


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